Motion Sensor Solar Lights For Outdoor

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Motion Sensor Solar Lights For Outdoor

Motion Sensor Solar Lights For Outdoor

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2200mAh Super Energy SavingSolar light converts solar energy into electricity by having it exposed to sunlight for 8 hours a day. It has a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery that can store energy for more than 12 hours at night. These solar lights sensor adopts silicon monocrystalline solar panel, with higher energy efficiency, the energy conversion rate can be up to 20%.100 LED Updated Solar LightsCompared to most similar solar lights on the market, solar lights have 100 LED, 270 four-sided illumination and 180 movement angles, which provides better illumination and converts dark spaces in areas full of light. It has a protective screen that covers the LED, with a good design to extend its useful life.3 Intelligent ModesiPosible solar lights with 3 intelligent modes for your choice: Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Motion Sensor Mode; The motion sensor detects people as far away as 10-16 feet. Comply with your different demands.Waterproof and Durable Solar LightsThese solar lights outdoor are waterproof, are made of ABS, are heat resistant and can withstand all types of adverse weather conditions. So solar lights perfectly designed for outdoor use as balconies, terraces, stairs, gardens, exterior walls, lawn.

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