Sentinel Spectrum Dogs Under 4kg (9lbs) - 3 Chewables

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Sentinel Spectrum Dogs Under 4kg (9lbs) - 3 Chewables

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Sentinel Spectrum brings you another incredible product to safeguard your dog from the numerous parasitic pests launching constant assaults against the hairiest member of your family. Sentinel Spec. V Small Dogs Chews 3pk is a tasty supply of 3 chewable treats that defend dogs under 4 kg (8 lbs.) from:HeartwormFleasEvery intestinal worm species including tapewormYour dog will flip, fly, and slip on the tile floors trying to get at these delicious chewables whenever monthly treatment time comes back around. This makes treatment not only easier than regular topical medications, but a lot more fun for you and your dog.141-333
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