Pet Small Cats Dogs Backpack Travel Doggy Rucksack

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Pet Small Cats Dogs Backpack Travel Doggy Rucksack

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS KEEP IT ALL IN ONE PLACE - 3 additional pockets that are perfect to keep your dog"s water, poop bags, treats, toys, etc. Never forget anything on an adventure again Our Doggy Rucksack is designed with a thick rest bottom pad and an adjustable cavity size so your pup can fit perfectly. The Doggy Rucksack includes 3 pockets (1 front pocket and 2 side pockets) so you can store all your dog essentials when going on your adventures. For extra safety, there is a safety hook to attach to your pup"s collar preventing them from jumping out. And for your personal comfort, the Doggy Rucksack has been designed with 2 thick shoulder straps and a hip belt, that help to minimize any jerky movements.

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