Smart Inflatable Golf Swing Trainer Ball

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Smart Inflatable Golf Swing Trainer Ball

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New Golf Swing Trainer Ball With Golf Smart inflatable Assist Posture Correction Training For Golfers Dropshipping New Black Material: Environmental protection flocking PVC Diameter: 15cm after inflation The lanyard can be adjusted in length, up to 60cm, and shortest to 32cm Colour: Black Function: to correct the problem of the golfer's crank arm movement when swinging Product: 1 The size of the inflatable ball can be selected by yourself, 12cm-16cm, etc., and it can be used normally. 2 Effectively improve swing skills, learn to grasp the correct power point. Note: There is a plastic sheet at the air hole to prevent air leakage. You need to squeeze the air hole when blowing, and do the same when you deflate.

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