Kids Bicycle Tow Rope Elastic Bicycle Tow Strap Bike Towing Rope

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Kids Bicycle Tow Rope Elastic Bicycle Tow Strap Bike Towing Rope

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Description Product descriptionMaterial: nylon + elastic ropePackage content: 1 pcs * Bicycle traction rope1. Bicycle Traction Rope: This kids bicycle traction rope is made of nylon + elastic band + alloy buckle, the elastic rope is strong, shock absorbing, collision proof, and has strong toughness. Lightweight elastic belt, you can ride with your child and make your trip easier.2. Childrens bike traction rope: Size: length is 1.7m, the longest can reach 3m, three colors are available (black, red and blue), the white line in the middle can be reflective, safer to use and be equipped with storage bag, you can choose depending on the bike color or your own preferences.3. Easy to use: Connect the bike tow rope to the saddle of the front wheel and the head tube of the rear wheel. It can be installed and used with simple steps. You can pull your childs bike behind you in any situation and make riding safer.4. Carrying weight: The maximum carrying capacity of the tow rope for childrens bicycles is 225 kg / 500 lbs. The tow rope for bicycles is strong enough, flexible and has good shock absorption, it is suitable for trailers, adults and children.5 .Pull rope use: Suitable for the traction of bicycles, mountain bikes, racing bikes, childrens bikes, bicycles and other accessories.

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