Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

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Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

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Wireless transmission signal - wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver We use 5.8G wireless high-speed transmission signal, faster transmission speed, stronger anti-interference ability, using external double-gain antenna can be transmitted over long distances, and the distance can be up to 656 feet from open transmission. Low Latency, Local Loopout - This extender transmits lossless signals, the propagation delay may be 0.1 seconds depending on the signal quality; Ideal for movies, TV, videos and presentations, the wireless transmission distance will be shortened. (line of sight distance, barrier-free), transmission distance from 1TX to 1RX: 200m; 1TX to 2RX: 60m; 1TX to 3RX: 30m; 1TX to 4RX: 20m.
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