Sonic Stim+ Ultrasound Pain Relief Therapy

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Sonic Stim+ Ultrasound Pain Relief Therapy

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 TensCare Sonic Stim + goes beyond a TENS pain relief machine, combining TENS with ultrasound therapy to grant the best drug-free pain relief. The combination of both technologies brings superb results, offering pain relief from chronic, post-traumatic and post-surgical causes. Like any other TENS pain relief machine, Sonic Stim + sends electrical current through electrodes that block pain signals from reaching the brain. It also stimulates the body to produce its own painkillers – endorphins. Ultrasound therapy amplifies the effect of a TENS pain relief machine by penetrating deep into tissue to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms and improve joint contractures. It also promotes healing and accelerates cell metabolism through heat produced by speed vibration. Sonic Stim + is scientifically proven to provide safe and effective drug-free pain relief and is approved for use in the UK and worldwide by the NHS, EU and FDA.   SKU: K-SONIC+
  • هوية Fruugo: 54603768-137523969
  • EAN: 5033435135707
  • البائع: TensCare

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