Outdoor Garden Ornaments 4pcs-metal Ant Art Decoration

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Outdoor Garden Ornaments 4pcs-metal Ant Art Decoration

Outdoor Garden Ornaments 4pcs-metal Ant Art Decoration

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ما عليك سوى تسجيل المنتج الذي تود استرجاعه في مركز مساعدة العملاء خلال 14 يوماً من استلام طلبك وإرساله مرة أخرى إلى بائع التجزئة في حالته الجديدة وغير مستعمل.

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Easy to hang-There are 2 hooks to choose from on the back of the wall decoration for easy hanging. Stunning metal wall decorations-garden decorations made of cut and bent metal plates rolled into 3D shapes, rich in three-dimensionality, making them more attractive and individual. Show off a series of beautiful bold colors, has been popular all year round in the garden. Suitable for many scenes-great for outdoor or indoor decoration, such as terraces, fences, porches, garden walls, doors or windows. It will magically fill your room with the smell of spring. The best gift-art wall art with high-quality packaging. It is not wrong to send gifts to friends and family as housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or even engagement gifts. Product description Material: Metal Size: 10*10*8cm Weight: 52g Packing: 4PCS, red, yellow, blue, green Metal processing technology: tangent. curve. welding. Spray plastic. Spray paint. Hang on the door The natural-style design will complement your home decoration and become an elegant way to decorate your doors and corridors, bringing vitality and joy to visitors. Hang on the wall Combine other wall decorations to create a different kind of exquisite wall display. Hang in the garden Brightly colored butterflies will add decoration and interest to any indoor or outdoor space.

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