Cabinet Night Light With Remote Control

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Cabinet Night Light With Remote Control

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RGBW colours and dimmable: this under-unit lighting combines RGB light (red, green, blue) and white light in one and meets the requirements of users for a variety of colours. and there is no need to buy a white light set again. At the same time, (multiple brightness levels) multiple brightness levels for your choice, with each press the brightness +/- button on the remote control, the brightness is increased / reduced by 10% and the minimum brightness is 10%.Remote control + manual combo control: easy to use by pressing to turn on / off and 4 colours (white / red / green / blue) or by remote control to turn on / off, adjust the brightness, 13 colour changes, set of 4 lighting modes (flash / strobe / fade / smooth).Easy to install: battery operated, can be replaced immediately and conveniently, wireless design means more beautiful and flexible. You can stick them to any surface using the enclosed adhesive pads. Changing the battery is simply designed by turning without having to remove the under cabinet lighting. The shrill wireless cabinet lighting is designed by professional adapting engineering team, made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) profile in pearl white colour, fingerprint free in its type of hard plastic with high temperature. Resistance up to 88C, plus polycarbonate cover with much less glare and eye strain, it is a safe device.

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Yiwushi Chongguan Dianzishangwu Youxian Gongsi

العنوان: Room 205, Unit 2, Building 39, Building Xitang, Futian Street, Yiwu, 322000, الصين