MMA7660 3 Axis Accelerometer Module

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MMA7660 3 Axis Accelerometer Module

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٣٫٩٥٠ د.ب.‏

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Length (mm): 21Width (mm): 14Height (mm): 4Main Colour: BlueCountry of Manufacture: ChinaMPN: BDAA100042Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°CMaximum Operating Temperature: 85°CNumber of Items: 1Parts list: 1 5pcs 2.54mm Pin headersPin Pitch: 2.54mmMounting Hole Size: M3Mounting Dimensions: 9mmFormat: I2CAddress: 0x4CChipset MPN: MMA7660Noted Programmable/Interfaces: InterruptSensor Property: 3-Axis AccelrationAcceleration Detection Minimum: -1.5gAcceleration Detection Maximum : 1.5gSampling Rate: 120HzThis module serves to breakout the MMA7660 chipset, a chip capable of providing 3 axis acceleration readings. The chipset features a 3 axis accelerometer (±1.5g) and an internal dropout regulator to allow the use of 3.3V supplies.When combined with free libraries it is possible to utilize the chipset's processing power to perform data conversions and combination for greater accuracy and precision in positioning calculations. Furthermore the INT pin provides an interrupt that signals when fresh data is available from the sensor to limit the need for continuous polling.Communication is handled through a 2 pin I2C interface, available on a wide range of microcontrollers. The I2C address by default is 0x4c.
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