Sterling Silver Large Claddagh Earrings

د.ب.‏ ٢٢٫٩٥٠
+ د.ب.‏ ١١٫٩٩٠ الشحن

Sterling Silver Large Claddagh Earrings

السعر: د.ب.‏ ٢٢٫٩٥٠
د.ب.‏ ٢٢٫٩٥٠ + د.ب.‏ ١١٫٩٩٠ الشحن

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These beautiful Sterling Silver Claddagh Earrings make the perfect gift for a loved one. The Claddagh, which originates from here in Galway, is Ireland’s unique symbol of Love. Featuring a Heart for Love, a Crown for Loyalty and Hands for friendship it is recognised worldwide as a symbol of love and Friendship. Approx Size of earrings: 1cm
  • هوية Fruugo: 34801421-70964086
  • EAN: 5390496049726
  • شبكة البيع الافتراضية لبائعي التجزئة: IE9524267S

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