Sophisticated Bat & Birds Socks - (Adult Medium)

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Sophisticated Bat & Birds Socks - (Adult Medium)

السعر: د.ب.‏ ٤٫٩٥٠
د.ب.‏ ٤٫٩٥٠ + د.ب.‏ ١٫٩٩٠ الشحن

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Women Sock Size 9-11 (Adult Medium)Women and Teens Shoe Size 5-10 Striking, stunning and fantastic   These socks are really amazing and unique.  People will notice these socks and want to find out more.  Stand out with these wonderfully comfortable pair of socks 80% Turkish Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex Attention getting design - Guaranteed to start a conversation Up your Sock Game with these fun socks High quality fabric that will not rip or tear - Very ComfortableBest if washed in cold water   With your purchase, the Sock Panda donates socks to someone in need.
  • هوية Fruugo: 55333271-112361674
  • EAN: 310147839730
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