Organic white tea & ginseng facial cleanser 100ml

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Organic white tea & ginseng facial cleanser 100ml

السعر: د.ب.‏ ١٢٫٩٥٠
د.ب.‏ ١٢٫٩٥٠ + د.ب.‏ ٦٫٩٩٠ الشحن

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Microneedling Cleanser Best cleanser The White Lotus Micro needling cleanser is a specialist product designed to act as a deep face cleanser before a derma roller treatment. It has achieved Soil Association Organic status for its completely natural organic formulation. The White Lotus organic cleanser is –•    Pure – Organically certification assures you of the quality of the ingredients.•    Targeted – To completely cleanse skin before a skin needling treatment and ensure no unnecessary substances are absorbed into your skin during a treatment.•    Natural – So it will protect and nourish your skin unlike harsh synthetic products.•    Rejuvenates – Actually restores your skin while it cleans.   ABOUT WHITE LOTUS Expert Dermaroller Advisor to the UK’s LARGEST Beauty Association,  Products developed by the author of the INTERNATIONAL Bestseller ‘Holistic Microneedling’, UNIQUE techniques repeatedly demonstrated on National Television The White Lotus Micro Needling Cleanser is the best cleanser on the market for preparing the skin for skin needling. As skin needling or derma rollers actually dramatically increase absorption of products through the skin it is vital that your cleanser strongly removes any make up or other substances from the skin. As it is a completely natural organic product the White Lotus cleanser does this without drying or damaging your skin.A vital part of a thorough derma roller treatment
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