Arctic Silver Ceramique2 Thermal Compound 2.7 Gram Tube

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Arctic Silver Ceramique2 Thermal Compound 2.7 Gram Tube

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Aerocool 140Mm 4Pin Molex To Sata Power Adapter Cable Arctic Silver Is The Premier Manufacturer Of Extreme Performance Thermally Conductive Compounds. Ceramique2, Released In May 2011, Is A High Density, Ceramic Based Thermal Compound Specifically Designed For Modern High Power Cpus And High Performance Heat Sinks Or Water Cooling Solutions. Features Tri Linear Ceramic Content: Ceramique2 Uses Only Ceramic Fillers So It Is Neither Electrically Conductive Nor Capacitive. The Tri Linear Composite Of Aluminum Oxide, Zinc Oxide And Boron Nitride Allows The Thinnest Possible Bond Line With Modern Processors, Heat Sinks And Electronics. Critically Sized Particles And New Ultra High Shear Mixing Techniques Maximize Ceramique2S Thermal Performance And Help Maintain A Stable Homogeneous Suspension. This Exclusive Combination Provides Performance Exceeding Most Metal Based Compounds. Poly-Synthetic Suspension Fluid: A New Oil Mixture, Improved Thermal Filler Properties And Increased Particle Deagglomeration, Dispersal And Density Enhance Ceramique2S Thermal Performance And Overall Stability. The Third Generation Poly-Synthetic Suspension Fluid Combines Advanced Synthetic Oils To Maximize Wetting And Stability While Allowing A Higher Density Of Thermally Conductive Fillers. Excellent Stability: Ceramique2 Is Engineered To Not Separate, Run, Migrate, Or Bleed. Electrical Insulator: Ceramique2 Does Not Contain Any Metal Or Other Electrically Conductive Materials. It Is A Pure Electrical Insulator, Neither Electrically Conductive Nor Capacitive. Performance: 2 To 10 Degrees Centigrade Lower Cpu Full Load Core Temperatures Than Standard Thermal Compounds Or Thermal Pads When Measured With A Calibrated Thermal Diode Embedded In The Cpu Core. Innovative Dispenser: The Amount Of Compound Remaining In The 2.7 Gram Syringe Is Easy To Determine As The Rear Of The Plunger Is Perfectly Flush With The Flange When The Syringe Is Empty. Easy Clean Up: Ceramique2 Can


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