Saw Palmetto with Zinc (3000mg) 120 Capsules

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Saw Palmetto with Zinc (3000mg) 120 Capsules

السعر: د.ب.‏ ١٨٫٩٥٠
د.ب.‏ ١٨٫٩٥٠ + د.ب.‏ ٢٫٩٩٠ الشحن

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What Is Saw Palmetto? Saw palmetto is a species of palm tree with characteristic serrations on the leaves like the teeth of a saw. The berries of the saw palmetto tree contain a series of fatty substances that have been shown to have a balancing effect on the male hormones (androgens) — making it useful for a wide-range of hormone-related issues including hair loss, fatigue, low libido, immune dysfunctions, and prostate issues. How Does Saw Palmetto Work? Saw palmetto works on an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase — which is responsible for converting free testosterone to 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone. 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone is roughly 5 times as potent as testosterone, and thought to be one of the main causes for age-related hormone dysfunctions in both men and women. Additionally, saw palmetto extracts are high in antioxidant compounds — helping to protect the body from environmental toxin exposure. What Are The Benefits Of Saw Palmetto? Supports prostate health Fights premature hair loss Boosts male fertility & libido Helps maintain optimal hormone balance in both men & women Why is Zinc Included? Zinc serves as a key cofactor in the formation and utilisation of male hormones like testosterone. Deficiencies of this essential mineral are a common side-effect of the modern diet. Adding zinc to the formula ensures you’re receiving your daily recommended intake of zinc to allow for optimal reproductive health. How Much Should I Take? Each capsule contains a highly-concentrated extract of saw palmetto and zinc — we recommend taking just one capsule each day. For best results, it’s important to be consistent when using saw palmetto by taking it around the same time each day along with food.
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