Beauty tool cleaner anti bacterial isopropyl alcohol spray 50ml

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Beauty tool cleaner anti bacterial isopropyl alcohol spray 50ml

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The Beauty Tool cleaner is an essential product for maintaining the hygiene of crystal rollers, gua sha, dermarollers and dermastamp of any other form of skin needling roller or beauty tool.  It can be used as either a derma roller cleaner, derma stamp cleaner, micro needling roller cleaner or to disinfect the jade roller.The spray is made from isopropyl alcohol, which is often used to disinfect medical equipment. As it is alcohol based it rapidly evaporates ensuring there are no chemicals on the derma roller the next time you use it.The beauty tool cleaner is delivered in a convenient pump spray. This allows you to avoid having to touch the needles and risk damaging them. Simply spray the dermaroller or other beauty tool after each use and then spray again before you use it next time. After spraying wait two minutes before use, to allow the alcohol to evaporate. This avoids any bacteria harbouring on your roller in between treatments. ABOUT WHITE LOTUS Expert Dermaroller Advisor to the UK’s LARGEST beauty association Products developed by the author of the INTERNATIONAL Bestseller  ‘Holistic Microneedling’  UNIQUE techniques repeatedly demonstrated on National Television Be aware that many cleaning products are not safe to be used on the roller due to the increased absorption of products through the skin with skin needling. Also, be aware that it is not currently possible to sterilise derma rollers under the medical definition. To sterilise a derma roller it would need to be safe to share with others and this is not the case with any cleaning products. Any products claiming to do so are spreading false and dangerous information.The White Lotus dermaroller cleaner kills 99.999% of bacteria.
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