Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton

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Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton

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Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton  - Therapy Sock Foot Massager Description :Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton Smooth the nerve system Promote blood circulation so improve coldness and pain in foot and ankle Help to cure cervical long-time disease Without using of electricity or spontaneous heating Safe and convenient to use Self-heating Socks Padded Comfortable Cotton can be used all day Infrared self-heating pads are made with tourmaline magnets Nano functional materials and special heat sensitive  materials. Features:  18% Heat sensitive materials 10% Nano bamboo charcoal materials -   Bamboo charcoal materials can launch far infrared ray, which can  permeate blood vessels; stimulate the acupuncture points of the body;  improve the function of body organs. 8% Tourmaline It can produce permanent weak electric currency (about 0.06mA). It is  similar to electric currency that exists in human nervous system. This  electric currency can stimulate the blood circulation 5% High purity germanium powder Its impacts on human body by: overcome fatigue; prevent anemia; improve the  metabolism etc.  Biological acupuncture In ancient times, stones that contain magnets are considered to have  magic medical effect Self-heating Padded Comfortable Cotton Socks are totally safe for use
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