Saw palmetto and he shou wu hair loss spray 100ml

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Saw palmetto and he shou wu hair loss spray 100ml

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Serum Hair  Hair Restoration Spray  (This is currently being sent with a treatment pump instead of an atomiser spray bottle due to a worldwide shortage of atomisers due to Covid 19). Stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth the natural way, with White Lotus Hair Restoration Spray (Serum Hair).  Whether you are suffering from male pattern baldness, a female going through the post pregnancy hair thinning period or just someone with brittle or generally thinning hair, the unique benefits of this spray will help you to kick start those hair follicles rapidly Safe to use to enhance the results of skin needling.  1:1 concentration the highest concentration of active ingredients possible. ABOUT WHITE LOTUS Expert Dermaroller Advisor to the UK’s LARGEST Beauty Association,   Products developed by the author of the INTERNATIONAL Bestseller ‘Holistic Microneedling’, UNIQUE techniques repeatedly demonstrated on National Television Infused in the organic ethanol base of our Hair Restoration Spray are the key active ingredients of the spray – Chinese herbs.  Whilst some herbs are designed to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, others helpstrengthen existing hair (see Technical specs for more details). Including Saw Palmeto. Unlike serum hair restoration products that can make the scalp and hair greasy, the White Lotus Hair Restoration Spray is designed to slowlyevaporate from the head once the herbs have penetrated the scalp. We promise you will never find a single preservative, additive or synthetic ingredient in our beauty serums. The spray’s ideal for this, because as well helping to stimulate the scalp, since it is formulated using only natural ingredients, it is safe for use when skin’s natural absorbency level has been enhanced as a result of using a dermaroller or dermastamp. Caution: Tests have shown synthetic Vitamin A as potentially toxic if absorbed by the liver, we therefore urge you to be wary of serum hair restoration products which advertise Vitamin A as a benefit when having skin needling.
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