Crystal Silver Mexican Bola Pendant 2 Styles

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Crystal Silver Mexican Bola Pendant 2 Styles

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Silver Crystal Mexican Bola Pendant Description: Silver crystal Mexican Bola Pendant Choice of 2 Silver Mexican Bola Pendant Crystal Baby Feet or Crystal Heart Mexican women swear by these lovely pendants as bringing calm and soothing their unborn babies Perfect for use after around 20 weeks, they can be worn under or over your maternity clothes. By gently resting against your baby bump the soft relaxing chimes are thought to reassure your baby within Over time, your baby begins to recognize the sound of the chime, associate the sounds with safety and peace and relaxation. They then become an amazing and encouraging addition to baby's  sleep routine Quality Mexican bola is super shiny hard wearing rhodium plate (nickel free) with a diamond cut heart Handmade in Thailand, they have a cute chime your baby will love. Not only is it a piece of jewellery any expectant mum would be proud to wear, but it can also be worn around your neck on a shorter thong or chain and continue to soothe your new baby when nursing. The chime will have the same relaxing effect on the baby as when he or she was in the womb Long Black Leather Thong necklace included For the perfect mum-to-be gift this beautiful item is presented in a cute gift box/pouch
  • هوية Fruugo: 34964323-71277358
  • EAN: 9786030589111
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