Adorable border collie shaped cushion

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Adorable border collie shaped cushion

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The Border Collies loyal devotion makes him a family favourite. Intuitive and intelligent, he's a world-class herding, dog who also excels at canine sports, such as fly-ball, agility and obedience. His perpetual smile, makes him a friend to everyone This adorable Collie shaped cushion is made with a high quality satin fabric on the front, allowing the finest detail of his life like image to be seen; from individual hairs to his bright intelligent face. The back of our Border Collie cushion is made with a beautifully soft plush fabric, so as you run your hand over it, you feel as though you’re stroking your favourite pet To help maintain its shape, each Border Collie shaped cushion is filled with 100% virgin polyester and fully sealed.Unique, beautiful and very huggable, Adorable Cushions® make the perfect gift for dog lovers the world over.Approximate size: H510mm x W320mm
  • هوية Fruugo: 19112951-41767624
  • EAN: 0750343843382
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