Fjallraven waterproof packbag 20l un blue

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Fjallraven waterproof packbag 20l un blue

Fjallraven waterproof packbag 20l un blue

السعر: ٩٫٩٥٠ د.ب.‏
٩٫٩٥٠ د.ب.‏ + ٤٫٩٩٠ د.ب.‏ الشحن

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The Fjallraven Waterproof pack bag is for your clothes and equipment and is made from durable, waterproof nylon with PU coating and taped seams and its perfect for waterproof storage while trekking or in a ice skating backpack. It has an easy roll top closure that shuts with a very durable metal hook, there is a Fjallraven logo in reflective print on the side and the colourway, UN Blue is one of the most visible colours in most types of weather and terrain.
  • هوية Fruugo: 63626081-128319228
  • EAN: 7392158958139
  • البائع: My Fox Bag

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