Hdmi To Scart Converter 1080p Hd Audio

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Hdmi To Scart Converter 1080p Hd Audio

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Input: HDMIOutput: SCARTResolution: PAL/NTSC switchMaterial:: ABSConnect HD HDMI DVD / BD output to HDMI input of splitter via HDMI cable.Connect the SCART output of the converter to the SCART input of the TV / monitor via the SCART line.Turn the switch to the left when PAL mode is to be displayed, and turn the switch to the right when NTSC mode is to be displayed.Finally, connect the DC head of the power adapter to the DC input of the converter, and then insert the plug of the adapter into the power outlet.Product Features:No need to drive, light and flexible, plug and playHigh quality scaling technology is used to process the input resolutionSupport NTSC and PAL standard TV outputSupports HDMI 1.4 and backward compatibilityPackage Included:1 x HDMI to Scart Adapter1 x USB Cable1 x User Manual

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