PrrEze 1 Ounce Cream & 4 Ounce Spray-On Bundle For Pityriasis Rosea

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PrrEze 1 Ounce Cream & 4 Ounce Spray-On Bundle For Pityriasis Rosea

من SJS Enterprises

السعر: د.ب.‏ ٢٢٫٩٥٠
د.ب.‏ ٢٢٫٩٥٠ + د.ب.‏ ٧٫٨٨٠ الشحن

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PrrEze pityriasis rosea rash relief cream and spray on bundle. PrrEze is the world’s first effective relief for pityriasis rosea. Our all natural remedy was formulated to alleviate the itch and rash of PR. It contains no chemicals and has no known side effects. It was formulated by someone who actually had PR, and this is what cured that person. Very little is known about PR, doctors say it is not contagious and is probably a virus, but they do not have any medicine to offer. Direction: Apply liberally twice a day for 5 days to areas where rash is apparent. PR is systemic, so you may have a pop up where you are not currently applying PrrEze. Just apply our therapeutic cream to it as soon as you notice new rash, and it will not develop further. Your rash should turn red within a day or two. This is good and means that the cream is reacting with the rash. If your rash is very stubborn, you can repeat the 5 days application cycle. Ingredients: Pure coconut oil, organic beeswax, aloe v


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