Trixes Black 5 Way Scooter/skateboard/longboard Tool With Allen Key

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Trixes Black 5 Way Scooter/skateboard/longboard Tool With Allen Key

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السعر: ٦٫٩٥٠ د.ب.‏
٦٫٩٥٠ د.ب.‏ + ١٫٩٩٠ د.ب.‏ الشحن

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Description TRIXES 5 Way Scooter/Skateboard Tool with Key turner New This Metric 5 Way tool is perfect for when you are out and about and need to tighten your skateboard bolts or to tighten your bedframe. Strong practical and essential for all skaters. Features MULTIUSE; All-in-one multifunctional tool suitable for anything from truck mounting, wheel bolts and skateboards to bed frames HIGH QUALITY; High quality plastic makes this the perfect little tool for all types of smaller jobs EASY TO USE; Small enough to fit inside your pocket, easily help you repair or change out hardware LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily fits into most pockets and light weight for easy on the go access PERFECT FOR SKATERS; Multi-functional Unit Skateboard Tool for complete skateboard assembly Contents 1 x Skateboard tool

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